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What customers are saying about our hedge trimming...

Liliana K. - Ottawa

Hi Michael, You have done an excellent job on the hedge and I am very pleased with the results.

Gillian W. - Orleans

Dear Mr. Munden, Once again this year I am so pleased to see the superb work that you and your employees were able to carry out on the rather large hedge that my husband and I have on our propety in Orleans. Much as last year, we arrived home one afternoon earlier this month to find the cedar hedge trimmed and tidied..a task that had been sorely needed after the long, harsh winter that Ottawa has seen this year!

As always, I continue to refer my neighbours and colleagues alike to Ottawa Hedge Trimmers. Thanks again for the stellar work on our hedge; I will be certain to contact you if we need any further work this year...and of course, to make an apointment next year for the hedge as well.

Mark G. - Ottawa

The work was really well done and your guys were much cleaner than I thought they would be..I could find so much as one cedar twig.

Emelie W. - Ottawa

Hi Mike..We were so happy -- I had to drive to my Dad's to see his place - and we took pictures!! Clean up was awesome and Mr. W. was delighted. The neighbours on each side of his property will surely be asking who did the work!!

Kim T. - Manor Park

We are very pleased with the work!!...I will for sure see you next year...awesome job!

Ken B. - Kanata

The hedge looks wonderful - thanks. I certainly want you to do it every year.

Beth G. - Barrhaven

The hedges look great. We could not believe the difference when we got home last evening.

Suzanne C. - Barrhaven

The hedge looks great! See you next year!

Paul L. - Ottawa

Thanks Mike for a very nice job.

Brooke J.- Orleans

They worked well and hard, did a fine job and cleaned up beautifully. Many thanks.

Clemens - Ottawa

Thanks Mike. you did a good job! My back yard has changed beautifully. God bless you.

Marie and Emmanuel D. - Ottawa

Hi Michael! Thank you so much for the excellent work on our hedges. They look amazing!

Tolly and Lisa F. - Orleans

Hedges look Great! Thanks for coming back.

Zelda G. - Ottawa

Michael, Thanks very much for the hedge trimming. It was a great job and I hope to contact you in the future for a repeat performance.

Tom V. - Ottawa

Thanks Mike. The hedge looks really good!


Tony and Joan K. - Rockliffe

We have been clients of Ottawa Hedge Trimmers for three years now, and each year we add new jobs to the list of areas to be trimmed, a sure sign of our confidence in the quality of the work, with which we are very happy. The crew was very professional, and cleaned up nicely after themselves. We will now be calling on the services of Ottawa Hedge Trimmers annually.

I enclose the one picture of the Pileated Woodpecker that we have on the computer (the rest are still on the camera). The picture was taken on 18 March 2010 (you can see the snow). He visited us daily for over three months until we tired of the suet attracting hordes of Grackles as well as this character (at one point we were being visited by two of these birds).